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5 Important Characteristics of a Great Business Website

Are you an entrepreneur looking for business web design guidelines to follow? Several articles online would educate you on how to achieve an aesthetically pleasing site. These articles always emphasise on the importance of your website’s appearance to attract more site visitors. However, while the look does improve a site’s appeal, it is not the sole reason for a business site’s great performance.

When designing a website, make sure it has the following characteristics:

1. Makes purchasing or acquiring information convenient for people 

One of the top reasons people go for online shopping is its ease of use. One can immediately shop and buy an item or acquire a service using a mobile phone or through searching a website from a laptop or desktop. Your site makes your product, services, and information accessible to people anywhere in the world. 

If you have a business and are starting a website, make sure to enable e-commerce features so that you can maximise your selling capabilities. Follow all the digital security laws necessary when designing. A professional web designer can help you implement these guidelines. 

2. Should be cost-beneficial

You can have a good website without the need to spend so much. If you are a starting business, you can set up a workable and straightforward website and transform it as your business improves. Identify the important parts of your website that you want to prioritise, and most importantly, invest in a great web designer that can help you achieve your website goals in the most efficient way possible.

3. Serves as a medium for your marketing efforts

There is nothing wrong with settling for a simple web look. You can always invest more in some digital marketing efforts like search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). These are cost-friendly initiatives that can help advance your site’s reach. It is also a marketing strategy that you can track and quantify to help you gauge your site’s performance improvement.

4. Reflects real-time information

To increase your credibility and earn the trust of your clients or customers, you should be transparent with some information that concerns them. In an e-commerce business, this feature can be reflected in the order and shipping status. Allowing them to see the progress of their transaction will make them feel at ease with your store, and you will earn their confidence.

5. Customer service-ready

A website offering any products or services must have a reliable and competent customer service. That is how you show that you care for your customers. No business is perfect, and as a business owner, you should expect problems to happen anytime. Make sure you have a dedicated team to address all these concerns as fast as possible. 


Your website’s visual appearance would not immediately guarantee success. Other qualities contribute to the effectiveness of your website’s performance. When creating your website from scratch, remember the qualities mentioned above, and you will get an efficient site that is investment-worthy. If all of these are too overwhelming for you to do, hiring a professional web designer would help you achieve a site that will encompass all these important characteristics. 

If you are looking for a website design service in Barnsley, we are here to help you. We design and develop websites using WordPress and integrate valuable features and long-term support. Contact us today to know more. 

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