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Key Elements Your Website Should Have in 2020 – What to Know

In this digital-driven world where almost everyone uses the internet to search for information and look for a service or product, it’s almost compulsory for a business to have a website. That way, you can reach audiences far and wise and accrue potential customers you otherwise wouldn’t have without a website. Then again, it’s not enough to simply exist online. When you build a website, you need to incorporate certain essential elements to convey the value of your brand’s product and services, brand messaging, and more.

To ensure that your website will thrive in 2020 and beyond, here are the vital elements that it should have:

Live chat feature

In the early days of the internet, customers had to make do with filling out a contact form in your site, and only then will you gain a lead. Today, however, landing pages have much more interesting options to generate leads, one of which is the live chat feature. This tool lets you know if a visitor is currently browsing your website and allows you to chat with the visitors to convert them into a lead. Additionally, it also doubles as a customer service support tool to answer your customers’ queries about your products and services. 

Social proof

Word-of-mouth marketing remains to be effective up to this day. To drive more customers to your business, you can begin collecting reviews online so that everyone else who is interested in buying your products or availing your services have a better idea of what you offer. When you manage to garner a large number of positive reviews, it gives the signal to potential customers that your business is credible and authentic. Social proof is the best way to convince someone who’s on the fence about your business to take a chance on you. 

Clear navigation and structure

The last thing you want is for your customers to feel lost when they’re browsing your site. It’s always worth having a clear navigation to allow them to find what they are looking for easily. Beyond that, having clear site navigation also makes it easier for search engines to index your website’s pages. Ideally, every important page of your website should be directly linked to the home page. What’s more, any page on the site should not be two clicks away from your home page.

Noticeable calls to action

When a visitor chances upon your website, you want them to turn into a lead. However, that could prove to be hard if you don’t have a call-to-action on your page. If you sell products, encourage users to browse and check out your site using a clear CTA, such as “Buy now” or “Shop.” If you offer services, ensure that the users are able to browse your offerings and contact you when they are ready to do business with you. Having a clear CTA makes it easy for your users to reach out to you without having to look for a contact page.

In conclusion

Don’t just have a website for the sake of having one. You need to incorporate all the essential elements listed above to have a solid ROI. 

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