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How to Perform Spring Cleaning on Your Tech Collection

For many people who think about spring cleaning, the first thing that comes into their mind is having to clean their entire house. Some even make plans to remodel and repair their homes to freshen up their surroundings. However, one thing that most people forget about is cleaning and sorting out their tech collections.

Tech items and data may seem unnecessary to clean as they don’t take as much space in your house as other household furniture does. However, for people who rely on tech for their work or school, it is crucial to keep track and maintain possessions regularly.

To help you out, here are some ideas on how you can spring clean your tech collection at home:

1. Identify and list down the tech items you have

Begin by getting all the tech items that you have at home. It is easy for consumers to buy products and then leave it in storage for ages after a few uses.

Things you should sort out are:


Pull out all your items from your desks, closets, bags, and other storages and place them in one area. Then, sort them out according to function or life span. You may also notice that you have duplicate items or items that you haven’t used for months or years. Take note of these items when proceeding to the next step.


Review all your software and other digital resources such as email accounts, free and paid apps, and software items and subscriptions. It is also the best time to review your payment methods and accounts or cards used.

After collecting your hardware and software, make sure to make an inventory and list down all of your tech items. Doing this will help you keep track of your belongings and help you out in the next step.

2. Sort out and eliminate waste

The next step that you should do is to sort out everything and categorize them into essentials, junk, and excess. Doing so will make sorting out and removing items in your possession much easier and faster. When doing this, your goal is to accumulate only the essentials, including the devices and programs you are currently using. 

Things you should consider when sorting out your tech collection are their:

  1. Usefulness
  2. Life span
  3. Relevance to your needs

What you can do with your excess items is to sell them online or donate them to your friends or family. Doing so will maximize the use of your tech items and reduce environmental waste.

3. Streamline everything

Streamlining means organizing your tech items efficiently and effectively. Your goal for this is to condense your data into less storage. Doing so will help you keep track of your data more effectively and help you remove unnecessary ones.

Some tips on how you can streamline your digital possessions:

  1. Move similar data into one storage if possible
  2. Remove duplicate data from other drives
  3. Delete excess and unimportant data
  4. Move all your subscription payment methods into one account or card if possible

4. Reassess regularly

Lastly, it would be best if you reassessed your tech collections regularly—maybe every few months or six months, depending on your preference. When reassessing, make sure to update your inventory with new possessions, even when you acquired a new gadget or bought new software. Doing so will make cleaning and sorting out more manageable for you.


Spring cleaning should include sorting out tech collections as well. Although data and gadgets don’t take much space, these can add clutter in your digital storage and your home.

Ensure that you have an inventory of all your tech items, whether it be hardware or software. Sort them out and donate and sell the others if necessary. Streamlining is also a great technique on how you can properly organize your possessions. However, if you want to maintain and keep track of your tech collection, you should reassess and update your inventory regularly.

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