Google My Business is a powerful tool that can give you the platform to boost your revenue while also providing you with valuable insights about your consumers. Google My Business aids you in controlling, indexing, and displaying pertinent business information. You can also gather insights into how customers are arriving at your website, curate consumer videos, photos, and other user-generated content, as well as interacting with potential customers and managing your online review reputation. However, in order to ensure you are making the most of this opportunity, you need to optimise your listings. Read on for some useful Google My Business tips to assist you with this.


Make sure that all of your information is up-to-date, accurate, and comprehensive

A Google My Business listing has many different parts. However, your core information should include your company’s name, website, phone number, address, description, attributes, and category. It is vital to make sure that all of your details are identical to the information that is currently listed on your website. If there are any inconsistencies when it comes to these details, it will have a detrimental influence on your search engine ranking.


Add posts to share updates about your business

The content you create, of course, plays a vital role when it comes to your success on Google My Business. Google Posts were opened to feature all businesses two years ago. This feature gives you the platform to share different content forms relating to your business. Some of the ways that you can do this are as follows:

  • Share a text update about a recent advancement at your business
  • Use a gif to relieve a game-winning shot with your audience
  • Showcase an upcoming event you’re trying to promote
  • Highlight a new line of products with a number of different images


Use Google My Business messages to speak to your customers directly

Another way to make the most of Google My Business is to take advantage of the messaging feature. If a customer is not able to find something on your website or your listing, they are going to want to contact you, right? You may assume that they will do this by calling your company. However, there are a lot of people that do not feel comfortable talking on the telephone and don’t want to ring businesses up. This is why mobile messaging can be a critical and effective part of your advertising strategy. This can result in boosted customer engagement, helping to close a sale. In fact, studies have shown that SMS messaging has a higher conversion rate when compared with mobile advertising.


Ask for reviews and respond to them

When it comes to local search, reviews are at the core. If you have lots of good reviews, you’re going to make a lot of sales. But, what about bad reviews? It can be easy to simply overlook these comments and pretend that they do not exist. However, this is not recommended. Instead, you should view these comments as an opportunity. You can use these comments as an opportunity to turn an unhappy customer into a loyal one by offering to resolve the issue. This is not something we simply expect you to take our word for. One study conducted by ReviewTrackers concluded that 44.6 per cent of people would be more likely to visit a company if the business owner took the time to respond to negative feedback.


Use Google My Business insights

You are never going to be able to move forward and continue making the most out of your Google My Business listing if you do not track your customers. Google My Business Insights gives you the platform to do this. It can tell you lots of useful information snippets. This includes the actions your customers are taking on your listing, where on Google your customers are finding your listing, and how customers are finding your company. It can also tell you about the total number of phone calls you have received, when people are calling you, and the areas your customers are living in.

So there you have it: some Google My Business tips to help you make the most of this amazing platform for your business. If you follow the advice that has been provided above, you can make sure that your Google My Business listing is optimised correctly so that you are feeling the full benefits. And remember, this is not something you can merely address once and forget about; you need to work about it on a continual basis.