Buying a new computer doesn’t have to mean making a confusing trip to the shops, or spending a weekend browsing the web. Custom-built computers offer a refreshing alternative, and actually deliver a number of meaningful benefits against simply buying an off-the-shelf model.

In this article, we’ve put together a number of the main plus-points of custom-built computers, and highlighted the configuration, sales advice, and performance that you can expect by ordering a computer that’s made to spec, instead of simply following the herd down to your local retail park!

The Advantages of Custom-Built Computers


A Flexible Configuration

A custom-built computer is just that… A computer that’s customised to meet your precise requirements. Consider the experience you face when selecting a computer from a shop or online store. Right away, you’re faced with a range of makes and models, each built from a number of components, with an imaginary end-user in mind.

The problem is, 90% of off-the-shelf computers are intentionally middle of the road, since that’s what the majority of buyers are seeking; something that’s not too cheap, not too pricey, and which covers all the basics, without setting the world alight in any one department.

But your needs may well be different from those of ‘Mr./Mrs. Average’, and the options you’re met with in store may simply not meet your demands.


Expert Advice

You probably have a fairly clear idea of what you’ll use your new computer for. But you may not understand the kind of hardware you need to best support those tasks. If hard-drive capacities, memory sizes, and processor speeds confuse, rather than enlighten you, then the facts and figures that you’re presented with when shopping for a new computer can feel overwhelming.

To make matters worse, the staff in large technology stores often lack the kind of in-depth training and specialist knowledge that’s needed to provide you with the best advice possible. Luckily, when you order a custom-built computer, you can expect one-on-one guidance from a professional who builds computers for a living, and who’ll be happy to walk you through all the options available.


Superior Performance

As we touched on above, the average customer who walks through the doors of a store like PC World or Argos is probably looking for a solid, reliable computer that can take care of the day-to-day, run-of-the-mill tasks like internet browsing, Skype calls, occasional streaming, and word processing. And, the majority of off-the-shelf computers probably do an acceptable job of covering these basic demands.

But, if you’re considering buying a custom-built computer, then there’s a strong chance that you’re looking for something with more zip…

Maybe you need a machine with a high-powered multi-core processor and separate graphics card to deliver exceptional gaming performance? Maybe you need additional memory to support frequent multi-tasking? Or maybe you need something truly bespoke, and perfectly tailored to niche demands like video editing, or running virtual machines for software-testing purposes?

There are all kinds of reasons why you may need a level of performance above and beyond that offered by an off-the-shelf computer. A custom-built computer is the perfect alternative, and can be built from the ground up to deliver that performance, on demand!


Custom-Built Computers in Barnsley

At Stephenson’s IT Support Solutions, we regularly build computers to meet the unique needs of our local clients. Whether you need a high-spec custom-built gaming computer, or a number of custom-built PCs for your office or school, we would be delighted to help you.

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