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In this blog post, I am going to explain what WordPress is all about. What it is used for, and how this content management system can benefit your businesses success.


So I guess you guys are asking, What is WordPress?

WordPress is a (CMS) which basically means content management system. Originally built as a blogging platform it now has a wide range of plugins, themes, and tools capable of building professional, user-friendly, bespoke websites to meet the needs of hundreds if not thousands of users.

Some of the benefits of using this allows it’s users to add new pages, add blog posts. Register new users such as a forum based platform. Or you can develop the platform for use as a cost effective online shop/marketplace such as eBay or Amazon.


What is this content management system used for?

WordPress has a multitude of uses some developers use this for e-commerce. Some integrate booking systems for hotels and restaurants. While others use it as a portal for student courses. WordPress can also be developed for use in real estate.

How much does this content management system cost? Best of all it is FREE and is backed by a community of passionate developers. Who are committed to giving us a feature rich platform to make money with. Grab your copy of this great framework here.


How can WordPress benefit my business?

It is flexible and easy to use, with a little computer knowledge you will be a guru in no time. If you wish to you can build your own website with a FREE theme from the WordPress directory. (Their will be limitations with many free themes).

WordPress can also be used to manage the day to day tasks such as social media management, of course, this would need a little development to setup the integration between your social media accounts.


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