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Why Simplicity in Web Design is a Must in 2020 – Our Guide

It has become common knowledge that one of the biggest markers of excellent web design is its simplicity. Experts recommend it, lessons teach us about it, and web owners demand it—but what exactly does it mean to have simplicity in your web design?

Many mistakenly think that simplicity means minimalistic design. Although having a bare basic structure can help achieve this, the point of simple web design is having well-structured design, content, and code, but without all the unnecessary details. Plenty of sites can achieve having a creative and colourful website, yet would still fall under simple web design.

Simplicity not only makes your website easy on the eyes, but it also improves user experience. Here are some simple reasons why having a simple web design is a necessity for your website.

Quick design; Easy debugging

Logic follows that having a simple web design means having less complex coding involved. This would make for quicker design and an easier build for your website. A simple website would definitely streamline the process of its development. 

One major benefit of simple code is that it is often fairly easy to debug. Finding a bug in a 300 property stylesheet is much more difficult than in one which only has thirty. Shortening and combining your stylesheets will greatly help in the simplification of your code. If that sounds too complicated for you, the assistance of an experienced coder would point you in the right direction.

Loads Faster & Lower Bandwidth

Simple designs have much lower file sizes—and smaller files load faster! A simple and streamlined code would have fewer stylesheets and JavaScript files, making for a quicker more streamlined experience. Faster running websites contribute to great user experience.

This factor would help you too! Smaller files also mean less server space and bandwidth taken up. Although not noticeable at first, you will notice that as more content and visitors your website gains, your expenses go up. Simplifying your web design would ease on the expenses, and you would find yourself with a ton of savings by revamping your design.

Content Takes Front and Center

If there’s too much going on with your website, your content tends to get buried underneath. Clearing up on the excess decorative elements on your site’s design will push your content to take center stage, making it easier to see and scan. Easily scannable content makes for a more user-friendly user experience, which then promotes more returns by site visitors. 

Promotes easier navigation

Simpler designs weed out irrelevant information and tend to have fewer pages and sectors. It would also promote a more organized and less cluttered design, making it easy for a user to navigate your site. Having one main navigation menu, making that navigational system consistent throughout all pages, and incorporating it into your website’s design are some simple ways to achieve this.


Simple is always better. A simple web design promotes quicker and easier coding, better user experience, and even generates some savings. Whether you’re planning on building a website or working on revamping one, always keep the value of simplicity well-ironed in your mind.

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