We often think of computer maintenance plans as being something that businesses take out to safeguard their IT systems. But the truth is, home users can benefit just as much from having the support of a computer technician.

The best local computer maintenance plans come with a blend of on-demand support, ongoing maintenance, and scheduled servicing. Here are the top-6 reasons why maintenance plans are so vital:


1) Optimised Performance

If you’ve been using a computer for any length of time, then you’ve probably noticed that the fast performance you enjoyed when it was fresh out of the box can quickly fade. In time, you’re left with a slow, even unreliable computer that may not meet your needs. Luckily, having your computer serviced regularly can prevent this decline and ensure it remains up to spec for the long term.

2) Better Security

It’s often said that IT security is a process, not an end result. That’s because it requires regular, ongoing diligence to ensure that a computer’s defences are up to date and working correctly. Having an annual computer service is a great way to ensure that your device is looked over routinely by a professional who’s best placed to spot the early signs of a security vulnerability (like out-of-date software, or a weak security setting).

3) Prevention Over Cure

A well-maintained, up-to-date computer is significantly less likely to develop a fault than a computer that’s not well cared for. Added to that, minor computer problems rarely sort themselves out unaided; instead, they tend to develop and escalate if ignored. Computer maintenance plans encourage a focus on prevention over cure, and make it more likely that issues that do slip through the net are dealt with as fast as possible.

4) Priority Service

Having your computer develop a fault is never a good experience. But it can be made worse if you face a long wait for the necessary repair work to be performed. The best local computer support plans offer priority support, meaning you can be confident that if a problem does arise then it will be repaired sooner, rather than later.

5) Remote Support

Often, taking your computer along to a local repair workshop isn’t even necessary. That’s because remote support is the ideal solution for small bugs and glitches that don’t affect the computer’s hardware (physical components).

6) Peace of Mind

For most home users, this is the biggest benefit of all. We know that many people simply don’t have the time (or desire) to become computer experts themselves, and don’t want the stress and worry of handling problems when they come up. A computer maintenance and servicing plan takes that worry away, and means you can enjoy the convenience of having a device that works well and covers your day-to-day needs, both now and well into the future.


Our Home User Maintenance Plan

Here at Stephenson’s IT Support Solutions, we offer a fixed-price computer maintenance plan, designed to cover the needs of residential users at an affordable low monthly fee.

As the name suggests, our Home User Maintenance Plan was designed with the needs of home users in mind, and comes with everything you’d expect of a good maintenance plan. This includes 10% discount on all labour fees (excluding the cost of parts), telephone support between office hours, a priority repair service, and even an annual computer service. All of this is priced at just £3.99 per month.

Simply contact us today to learn more about how the plan works and the range of devices we can offer support for.