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Why Every Small Business Needs IT Support

Do you use a computer as part of your business activities?

For most small-business owners, the answer is a definite ‘Yes’. In fact, in 2018 there are very few businesses left that don’t use tech to support their operations, and even sole traders typically need to maintain a website, monitor an email account, and perform business admin – all using a computer.

The simple truth is, businesses of all sizes, working in every sector, all rely heavily on technology. But what happens when that technology fails? That’s the point when professional IT support can prevent a minor glitch from escalating into a costly IT disaster.

Not ‘If’, But ‘When’!

Computers break! Even the best models have finite lifespans – it’s simply one of those inconvenient truths that we can’t ignore. So, it’s not a question of ‘if’ you’ll suffer from an IT failure, but only ‘when’ that failure will happen. Beyond the dangers of a physical hardware fault, there are the ever-present threats of software conflicts, bad system updates, virus infections, and old-fashioned human error to consider.

To make the situation worse, when a failure happens it will often affect multiple aspects of a small business’ operations. We routinely see situations where IT problems have disrupted the basic workflow of a client’s business, often compromising customer contact, affecting delivery times, preventing payment processing, or leading to costly data loss.

Large businesses mitigate these risks by employing in-house IT teams to pro-actively manage their systems and infrastructure, or step in when issues arise. For small businesses, the overheads involved with staffing an in-house IT department aren’t viable, but outsourcing those tasks to a local IT support provider can deliver the same benefits – at a fraction of the cost.

What IT Support Options are There?

There are two main kinds of IT support – pay-as-you-go IT support (also called break/fix IT support) and monthly IT support contracts. Both models are built to meet the needs of different businesses, and here at Stephenson’s IT Support Solutions, we can provide either option for local businesses in Barnsley, or throughout South Yorkshire.

Pay-as-you-go IT support works well for businesses that want to minimise their monthly overheads, and don’t want to commit to an on-going contract. The service typically works on a call-out basis, though lower price remote-support options are also available.

Monthly IT support contracts deliver a higher level of support – perfect for businesses that want to take a proactive approach, by bringing onboard IT professionals to manage and monitor their systems, rather than simply coming out when a problem occurs. Monthly IT support contracts represent the next best thing to having an in-house IT team of your own.

What’s the Alternative?

The alternative to business IT support is performing routine maintenance and running repairs yourself. The main issue here is time – and since the majority of small-business owners are time-poor, taking on additional duties like these is rarely practical.

As qualified professionals, we’re able to accomplish routine maintenance tasks quickly and efficiently, and perform any type of repair on demand. When issues arise, we can often diagnose and resolve the problem within the first hour… If you’re considering the ‘DIY’ route, it’s well worth asking whether you could bring your systems back online within that kind of timeframe.

Our Barnsley IT Support Services

We provide affordable business IT Support Barnsley and the surrounding areas. We’ve built a strong reputation by offering fully flexible packages designed to meet the needs of small-to-medium local companies.

We have 3 main options available, covering monthly on-site support, remote support, and pay-as-you-go support. Each support package covers a pre-set range of services, though we’re also able to prepare bespoke IT support contracts for clients with more individual needs.

For full details of our service, simply visit our page for managed service providers, or contact us today.

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