If revenue growth is in your company’s five-year plan, you need to think of efficiency. That is why small and large businesses alike are investing in technology and infrastructure. This highly digitized world encourages players to leverage the growth potential that technology provides. Prioritizing IT infrastructure improvements is one sure way to help your company improve their performance in the fastest way possible. 

When you’re running and sharing extensive customer data and provider information on company desktops, having a backup is an absolute must. Data loss is a big no-no if you want to keep your business afloat and ahead of the competition. Losing files and the capacity to recover them can determine the future success—or failure—of a company. Did you know that a loss of a small amount of data costs over £35,000? If you’re running an enterprise, that seemingly insignificant loss will cost millions. 

Needless to say, safeguarding data is of utmost importance. If there is a failure in that area, it won’t be long before your revenue growth chart starts showing a negative trend.   

Death Caused By Data Loss

Data loss can trigger a chain reaction that can bankrupt a company. The data gathered since the inception of the business has to be recovered in a small amount of time. Your IT support staff should re-acquire customer and provider information. They should also rebuild software as well as technology infrastructure. However, these processes are costly. Aside from the actual cost of restoring your system, there are regulatory fines and penalties that you also need to take care of. If you think it couldn’t get worse, your credit rating will drop. There’s also a chance that you’ll have to pay for higher insurance premiums. 

Since the need to recover lost data in a short time is high, you may need to hire more staff. And if your reputation was affected by the mishap, you also have to pay a PR team to re-establish the lost trust and confidence of your customers and providers.  

Cloud-Based Backup Services Are Partners 

Gone are the days of data saving being something tedious, expensive, and complicated. The process of backing up data is now so easy and always available that even businesses not focused on technology can quickly be acquainted with it. That’s because there are third-party providers that offer inexpensive cloud services. The problem is, since there are so many of them in the cloud industry, choosing the right one becomes the biggest challenge. Here are easy tips you can remember to secure the right cloud-based partner for your business.      

1. They’re In It For The Long Haul

Look for providers that have been in the data backup services industry for at least twenty years;  they are likely at the top of the game and aware of what they’re doing.

2. They Guarantee 99.9% Uptime

If any prospective providers can’t deliver this, keep looking. Reliability is a critical factor for businesses that cater to clients 24/7/365. 

3. They’re Versatile

Lastly, your data backup provider should be able to disperse data across different types of servers. Your chosen partner should have the capacity to work with whichever hardware systems you, your customers, and providers are using.  


A data backup service keeps companies, both big and small, from the hassles caused by data loss, keeping the company running so that it can reach the revenue growth it’s aiming for. If you’re a business owner who is looking for reliable data backup solutions for your company in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, look for Stephensons IT Support Solutions, which provides a myriad of IT-related services that can help propel your business forward.