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The Current Crisis of Cyber-Security Skills Gap: How You Can Beat It

With technology is growing even more sophisticated and a wide range of tools available becoming bigger than ever, industries all over the world grow even more advanced.

From higher-quality social media services to virtual reality, it’s no secret that humanity is experiencing a revolution in modern technology, unlike any other. For businesses, in particular, operations are much more complex, stimulating, and optimised than ever, thanks to the advent of the current technological revolution.

Despite all the growing developments, there’s one concern that continues to grow as much as its polar opposites—the cybersecurity skills gap.

The cybersecurity skills gap crisis

The cybersecurity crisis that businesses face today, as threatening as it may be, is definitely something that isn’t new.

Ever since the dawn of the internet and hacking, many of those who bear ulterior motives have wreaked havoc on millions of businesses digitally. Various instances—such as the WannaCry and I Love You viruses—have forced entities to adopt digital practices fully to ensure that their efforts to keep themselves safe from cyber-criminals are up to spec. 

Deeper into the gap

Among all the different concepts that need to be considered when going over the topic of staying safe on the web, none are more prevalent than the cybersecurity skills gap affecting millions of businesses worldwide. 

With more and more organisations adopting digital strategies, the necessary steps must be taken to hire a team of cybersecurity professionals. The problem of hackers and viruses, however, doesn’t stop there, as the fast-paced evolution of modern cyber-criminals tends to surpass that of the very professionals that are hired to combat them. 

This difference in skills and development makes way for a skill gap that leaves businesses at risk of thousands to millions of pounds of damages. That is despite hiring an IT team of their own.

A guaranteed solution

Given the ever-growing importance of cybersecurity and protection from other online threats, businesses must take it upon themselves to set up an adequate response to the looming threat of a possible cyber-security skills gap. 

Fortunately, circumventing the problem at hand doesn’t entail going offline entirely. There’s one solution that can help you best without costing you a fortune: managed security services.

With the help of a team of trained experts, you can outfit your business with a dependable layer of proactive protection when securing and instilling new technology use in your systems. 

Service providers, such as Stephensons IT Support Solutions, are outfitted with a roster of experienced security professionals committed to combating these specific challenges. With a managed security service, you can enjoy the immense benefits that come with continuous monitoring of your business’s cybersecurity 24/7. That will give you an edge over looming threats and help you close the skills gap.


Amid growing concerns over the prevalent cybersecurity skills gap that affects tens of thousands of companies in the UK alone, it’s vital to take the necessary steps when it comes to staying prepared. By investing in managed security services, however, you can get a leg up on any hackers that will try to strike your business in the long run.

Stephensons IT Support Solutions is an IT support company and managed security service provider in Barnsley and Sheffield. Give us a call today to see how we can help!

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