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In brief a search engines job is to find relevant content which matches your search criteria this is done by indexing and crawling content found from around the web.

How do search engines crawl all of the millions of pages it indexes?

Basically the search engines use links between web pages to get from one website to another. This is also known as crawling/spidering a web page. By building relevant links into your pages will help with your overall SEO score, however too many links or none relevant links can also damage your chances of Google/Bing indexing your page.

What happens when a search engine provides answers?

The search engine then sorts the results into relevancy this is done by a set of algorithms which have been cleverly crafted to display the most popular and consistent content first.


How can I make my website successful?

Google and Bing for instance have a few guidelines it advises it’s users to do.

  1. Make your websites pages user friendly, and easily accessible to navigate.
  2. Make your website clear and consistent with a primary navigation menu that offers static links to each page of your website.
  3. Create useful informative content that is related to your industry, when creating title tags, and alternative image descriptions ensure they are relevant to the image and content of the page you are trying to rank.
  4. Use friendly url’s with descriptive keywords which are relevant to your page.
  5. Avoid using duplicate content.
  6. Ensure that your content is clearly displayed on your web pages and not in images, this will have massive affects on user experience and will not rank in search engines.
  7. Create fresh content on a regular basis with descriptive keywords that are searched upon within your industry.



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