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How to Improve Your Security After a Cyber Essentials Accreditation

With the British Government leaving no stone unturned in its fight to protect its citizens from threats, it should come as no surprise that the Internet is no exception to the extent of its efforts. 

As stricter moderation guidelines are in place and the UK’s relevant authorities endlessly patrol the web for any threats, the room for cybercrime has been tightened in recent years. Whether it’s in the form of continuous scans, actionable strategies over complaints, or cooperation with affected victims, it’s clear that authorities will stop at anything for a safer British Internet space. 

Although the government’s efforts are well worth taking note of, the latest Cyber Essentials Accreditation has been regarded by many as the most robust effort in its long-term safety strategy by far. 

Why you need to look into gaining a cyber essentials accreditation

Seen by many as the first of many government-backed schemes to help make the web a safer space for UK citizens, the Cyber Essentials Accreditation helps ensure that businesses attain and maintain the utmost security.

At Stephensons IT Solutions, we implore our clients to seek this accreditation because it helps map out the paramount requirements that will outfit their businesses with government-compliant safety. By taking the time to follow the set standards and ensure that your firm’s IT systems fall in line with them, you can prepare your business well enough to keep it safe from future cyber attacks. 

How you can further improve your cybersecurity after getting accredited

While the accreditation is a great way to map out the foundation for your business’s efforts to remain free of any problems, keep in mind that it doesn’t cover the daily protection you need. Fortunately, closing the gap and making sure that you’re secure can be done by keeping an eye on these three critical areas and acting on them accordingly: 

Key area #1: Assess vulnerability continually 

As the world of cybersecurity itself changes over time, the ways businesses may inadvertently leave themselves prone to experiencing cybersecurity attacks are nearly endless.

With the help of constant vulnerability assessments, you can help your business adapt to constantly-rising and shifting standards so that you don’t leave an opening that permits risks. Once you get the habit of frequently checking your IT infrastructure for any potential vulnerabilities, you can fix any underlying problems well enough before cybercriminals get to exploit and use them to their advantage. 

Key area #2: Teach your staff to be aware of potential threats

No matter how much time and money you put into building a rigid IT infrastructure that deters cybercriminals, your business is still no exception to the fact that most attacks happen because of human error. Suppose you’re looking to protect your business and keep it covered on all ends as the Internet continues to maintain its crucial role in the economy. In this case, you’ll need to teach and guide your employees on the following: 

  • Spotting phishing emails or untrustworthy messages that may cause additional problems for your business
  • Complying with policies that will make it easier for your staff to uphold the cybersecurity of your business at all times
  • Following the right cybersecurity practices 

Key area #3: Outsource a dependable service

As a business owner who may not have too much time on their hands, it’s essential to understand that you’ll need to rely on an extra hand if you want to keep your business protected from any cybersecurity threat. With the help of Stephensons IT Solutions, for instance, you can keep your safety and security intact with round-the-clock maintenance measures, inspections, and other protective measures!


No matter how helpful the Cyber Essentials Accreditation scheme may be in ensuring that your business is adequately protected, it’s still essential that you follow-up these efforts by enforcing additional practices. By addressing the three critical areas mentioned above, you can ensure that your efforts will result in a well-rounded veil of protection that will keep your business safe from cyberattacks in the long run!

Stephensons IT Support Solutions is an IT support company in Barnsley that employs trusted and approachable experts. If you are looking for a client-focused service, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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