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How Managed IT Services Can Augment Your Business

When you’re running a business, reliable IT support is paramount. Your hired support personnel serve to provide your company’s IT needs, maintain both your software and hardware, troubleshoot technical glitches and issues, and ensure ongoing business operations.

When it comes to IT support services, you have the option to hire employees dedicated to your network full-time or bring on technicians only when technical problems arise. The first option can be a bit costly while the latter can be very inconvenient for your business. That is where managed IT services come into the picture.

In a nutshell, managed services involve outsourcing the tasks of regulating and maintaining a wide range of processes vital to your business operations through IT solutions. 

Here are three primary reasons it pays to hire managed IT to boost your business:

1. They can help to reduce business costs significantly

Hiring in-house IT specialists for your business to be added on your payroll can be expensive. There are instances when all they do is monitor your systems without any technical issues, yet you still need to pay for their time. If you resort to break-fix services, though, you may still end up paying quite a bit as these technicians are usually paid by the hour. If breakdowns are infrequent, you may save money—but you’ll sacrifice uptime as it may take the technicians some time to get on the case!

What’s great about managed IT services is that they are affordable as they’re designed to save businesses in the long run. They typically charge your company on a monthly basis that can be very easy to budget. Yet, these services do not compromise work quality and service efficiency that will help reduce operational costs brought by system glitches.

2. They can greatly improve efficiency, productivity, and security

When running a business with IT as a backbone, three key aspects must be factored in—efficiency, productivity, and security. First, you want a robust system and solid IT support that will help your employees and business processes be more efficient. Second, you want these services and solutions to contribute to your overall business productivity. Lastly, while upholding the first two, you want to ensure that your systems, as well as data and information, are kept secured and protected at all times.

What’s excellent about managed services is that they are best characterized by the three variables mentioned above. With their professional and highly reliable IT experts, you can expect them to provide your business with the utmost efficiency, productivity, and security.

3. They provide end-to-end support

Running a business with a complex IT system can be a bit overwhelming. There are a lot of things to check and considerations to make—from maintaining hardware and updating software down to providing IT solutions to technical problems. What’s good about managed services is that they are designed to provide end-to-end support. They offer various services that make your business stable and avoid any business disruptions. Even during emergencies, they have contingency plans and backup solutions.


At this point, you’ve hopefully gained some clarity on how effective managed IT services can be. As discussed above, they can significantly help reduce business costs; greatly improve your business’ efficiency, productivity, and security; and provide end-to-end support. With all these in place, you can expect to improve your business operation and overall performance.

We provide IT support in Barnsley with various services such as computer repairs, website design, VoIP, and managed IT. If you’re specifically looking for managed IT support that can take your business up a notch, get in touch with us to see how we can help!

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