Bespoke Software Solutions

We develop a range of powerful and bespoke web applications to support businesses in Yorkshire, or further afield, wanting to streamline their workflow, and build greater efficiency into their operations.

How can bespoke software solutions help my business?

Web applications can support your business operations at every stage. Their functions can support order management, billing, stock control, booking systems, team communication, support desk operations, data management, report generation, and far more.

Here’s a real-world example to show how a web application could support communication and work assignment within a small business:

Taxi operators need a way to stay in constant contact with their drivers, and easily assign new jobs. Once, this used to involve telephoning each driver to relay customer requests for a taxi, but web applications can achieve the same result, far more efficiently.

To meet the needs of this business, we would develop a bespoke web application, and matching mobile app; each driver could simply install the mobile app to their device, then receive updates from their operator throughout the day, as required. Because the whole system works both ways, the drivers could also mark jobs as completed, allowing the operator to have an up-to-date picture of which drivers are available.

We strongly believe that web applications should be bespoke. Unlike off-the-shelf alternatives, which may be bloated with unnecessary features, and could lack useful functionality, bespoke web applications can be developed from the ground up to meet the precise needs of a specific business.

What is a Web Application or Online Portal?

Put simply, a web application is a computer program for the modern, connected age. Web applications can perform any task that traditional computer programs can, while also overcoming many of their limitations.

The main problem with traditional programs is that they must be installed locally – typically on the hard drive of an individual device. Because of this, the program can only be run on one computer, and is limited in terms of the resources it can access. Web applications solve these issues by running on a powerful remote server, while being easily accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world, through a web browser or purpose-built mobile app.

Many people think of web applications as only being used within large corporate environments, but actually, most of us use web applications every day – eCommerce solutions, web mail platforms, and online word processors such as Google Docs are all examples that you’re probably familiar with already.

Our Four Step Development Process

We will meet with you to work out how a web application can best support your operations. At this stage, we’ll also draw out workflow diagrams to illustrate how data will be entered/retrieved via the new system.

We’ll plan each module in detail, and create concepts as part of a detailed proposal – which we’ll submit for your approval. Naturally, your proposal will include a quote to cover the costs of the project.

We’ll develop your web application using CodeIgniter – a powerful, but lightweight, open-source PHP framework noted for its performance and security. We’ll present you with the application, and invite you to draw up a ‘snagging list’ – this additional stage ensures the finished application will fully meet your needs.

Having completed development, we’ll upload your new web application to a live server accessible by the internet. We can also migrate your data from your existing systems or spreadsheets, should you require. The end result is a ready-to-use bespoke web application, tailored to the needs of your business.

Schedule Your Consultation

We’re based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, and we offer face-to-face consultations for local clients.

We also work with businesses from other areas of the UK, and we’re happy to schedule a Skype call, or telephone consultation, to allow us to fully understand your needs.