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A Budget Breakdown of the True Cost of Web Design

For businesses to survive in today’s modern age, a website is necessary to conduct business with consumers who are preferring digital transactions. This requires companies to stay competitive by creating their own website to meet consumer demand.

What does a website cost?

The creation of a website is a group effort, which is why multiple stages of production will require different professionals in their field to generate output for your site. In dealing with a web designing project, you will have to invest lots of time in several stages of development.

In this article, we’ll guide you over the breakdown of your budget during a website development:

1. Hours for different teams and professionals

Different components of your web design team from its project managers, copywriters, graphic designers, and web developers will take time in creating their outputs to curate your website. Keep in mind that you’re not just paying for the generation of a site, but more for the combined hours that different teams will need to accomplish your project.

If you start with a higher budget ceiling, you can expect that the quality of work that you receive will be of greater quality. This is because your team will work for a longer time in giving you the results that you need.

2. Project planning

The beginning stages usually vary in cost, depending on your website’s needs. Some sites have interfaces that are easier to make from scratch, while more complicated layouts, such as eCommerce websites, will require more time for planning.

What you should remember in presenting to your team is that you need to give specific requirements on the functions and features that your site will have. Establishing a clear foundation of your ideas early on will allow your developers to design a clear path in reaching your site’s goal.

3. Design collaterals

The majority of your budget will go through the design stage. This is when the interface will make use of the content generated by your copywriters and graphic designers. Anything ranging from your site’s headers to your brand’s font of choice creates a significant impact on how your customers will perceive your site. Finding the right blend of visual elements to mix with your site’s function may go through multiple revisions depending on your site’s goals.

4. Program development

The testing and development stage will require a few trials before your website is fully-functional to your specifications. Your developers and programmers will need to make samples of individual features that your site will offer while making sure that these components work well together when combined into one final output.

5. Website testing and staff training

You wouldn’t want your website to look half-baked and incomplete upon launch, which is why testing, launching, and web training are necessary steps for your site to reach its full form. In this stage, the site will be tested of its various features and navigation tools.

After enough testing has been done, your staff will need to be trained in properly using the website. They need to be familiar with the web development tools that have been installed in place that lets them make minor changes and updates through easy-to-use templates.

6. Content generation

Content is what makes your website attractive to potential customers, and its quality sets your site apart compared to your competitors. Content generation will be the basis of your marketing team’s efforts in developing future strategies in promoting your website through digital marketing strategies. They will make use of various methods, such as social media marketing and Search Engine Marketing tactics, to improve your site’s visibility.


Many first-time business owners may be shocked at the high cost in creating a website, which makes them make the mistake of hiring cheap web development services. Recognising the different layers of work that are incorporated in creating your site will make you appreciate the need to secure quality services for your business’ needs.

Finding a capable IT agency that has an impressive portfolio and reliable service is a necessary first step in developing your website. If you’re in need of website design in Sheffield, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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