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3 Reasons to Opt for IT Support Companies over Repair Shops – What to Know

We all wish that our computers would last forever. Unfortunately, time takes its toll, and sooner or later, computer systems begin to fail. When that happens, especially in a company, it’s likely that you’ll be searching for a quick repair shop. While you might have a local computer shop nearby, you might not know if they’re comfortable working with whatever systems you have in place, let alone be free enough to work on your problem immediately.

Thus, working with an IT support company might be the better option. Here are a few reasons why:

1. They are proactive

One of the best things about working with an IT support company is that they are always on the job. Unlike a computer repair shop that only shows up when you need them, a support company will keep track of your systems, ensuring that everything is working as intended. This also means that the moment something breaks down, you can rely on the fact that they will get to work as soon as possible, carrying out the necessary tasks to bring you back online.

Other proactive activities support companies offer can include updating software, installing bug fixes, and downloading security patches. In other words, IT support companies offer proactive security, leaving you assured that you’re in safe and capable hands.

2. They only offer quality and thorough work

By working with an IT support company, not only do you give yourself a solution to address any of your IT-related problems, but you also give yourself access to professionals that keep quality in mind. 

For example, a computer repair shop might only address a specific problem with the computer. However, a professional will go a step further by not only solving the problem that you are complaining about but also by checking the system to ensure that every other aspect of the computer is working optimally. With an IT support company, you’ll get a computer that’s not just fully functioning again, but one that is not at risk of breaking down again any time soon.

3. They free up your time

If there is one reason you should work with an IT support company, this would be it. Even if you have your in-house team working, if you have a small team, they are going to have a lot on their hands. From managing servers to carrying out physical repairs, all these projects eat up their time, meaning that if there is an emergency, they might not always be free to do it right away. Plus, since they are so busy, they might not have much time to contribute to the direction of your company’s IT department, such as giving thought leadership and such.

However, with an IT support company by your side, your IT workers will have much more time to help, as they won’t be too busy patching security holes or setting up firewalls. Instead, they will overlook your company’s IT and create a clear direction and strategy that will help your company grow.


While we have praised IT support companies so far, computer repair shops still do have their uses. For example, if you do not want to opt for a monthly payment to take care of your IT as you would have with a support company, a computer repair shop will only charge you for when you require their services. Also, if you’ve built a good enough relationship with your computer repair shop, you might receive service tantamount to having an IT support company! 

However, an IT support company can provide you with tons of other benefits, such as proactive security updates and IT strategy and implementation. These are invaluable assets, not only to ensure your company growth, but to guarantee its safety from any IT-related issues and problems.

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